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Getaways from Hyderabad

Hyderabad offer exciting getaways for the leisure as well as business travellers. Business travellers have a range of options and can plan pre and post conference tours according to their convenience.

Ananthagiri Hills

A picturesque hill station with salubrious environs. Home to a dense forest with sparkling freshwater rivulets, ancient caves, fort-like structures, and the 400-year old Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple. Great adventure, trekking and camping destination. The hill peak makes for a stunning viewpoint. Just 90 kms. from Hyderabad. Just a few hours away from paradise.


A popular UNESCO World Heritage Site teeming with ancient temples, intricately carved monuments, and ruins that offer deep insights into Hindu mythology while showcasing the architectural splendour of the flourishing Vijayanagara Empire’s capital, Hampi takes you back 1600 years in time. Located 300 kms. from Hyderabad in Bellary, Karnataka, Hampi makes for a fab getaway.

Horsley Hills

Located 4100 feet above sea level, Horsley Hills with its dense forest is home to over 110 species of exotic birds and is a charming hill station with lovely weather. Offering breathtaking views of the undulating hills and a raft of attractions including the Windy Rock, and View Point, Horsley Hills is about 520+ Kms. from Hyderabad (8-hour drive) and is the ideal getaway.


Choc-a-bloc with over 60 heritage monuments including tombs with beautiful stucco work, ancient temples, and the 550-year old, Persian-style Bidar Fort billed as one amongst the largest in India, Bidar is an archaeological treasure trove. A popular film shooting spot, Bidar is just a 3-4 hours drive from Hyderabad, and is extremely popular for its Bidriware: beautiful novelties in silver.


A 12th century capital of the Kakatiya Dynasty, Warangal stuns with its historic forts, temples, signature stone gateways called Kakatiya Thoranas, and natural splendours including a wildlife sanctuary and a sprawling lake. Located 150 kms. from Hyderabad, Warangal can brighten up your weekend with wildlife spotting, photography, birds watching, boating and other fun things.


A party hotspot like no other, Goa, offers kaleidoscopic attractions including beaches, nightclubs, bars, and discotheques. A former Portuguese colony, Goa is dotted with architectural splendours of the colonial era, making it a must-visit tourism destination. Just an hour away by air from Hyderabad, there’s more to Goa: water sports, sightseeing, photography, and wildlife. If you are a business traveller, this could make for a cool post conference tour.


Nestled in the undulating Sahyadri Range at an altitude of 2041 feet above sea level, Lonavala is a lovely hill station, about 630 kms. from Hyderabad; under 2 hours by air. Many attractions including a beautiful fortress and stunning caves, apart from trekking activities make Lonavala a pleasant place to spend quality time amidst serene and salubrious environs.

Nagarjuna Sagar

Presenting an awe-inspiring scenery during peak monsoons, Nagarjunasagar Dam, the tallest masonry dam in India is a tourist magnet surrounded by a raft of attractions including ‘Nagarjunakonda’ – the ancient capital of the Ikshvaku dynasty, a museum housing age-old artifacts, the Srisailam Wildlife Reserve and more. An enthralling getaway, just 160 kms. from Hyderabad. Simply awesome as a pre-conference tour to inspire and charge up the business traveller.